FREE Backgrounds for Your Emails

Give Your Emails a Special Touch
  • Email Backgrounds

    Transform your email into stunning stationery. It’s easy and impressive!

  • Photo Animations

    Insert your own photos into hilarious animations. Easy and fun!

  • Emoticons and Smileys

    Happy, surprised, excited, wild – we’ve got an Emoticon for every emotion!

  • Ecards

    Find the perfect Ecard for every occasion.

  • What is IncrediMail?

    IncrediMail is an easy-to-use email program that makes your email experience more personal, fun, and productive. IncrediMail lets you keep your current email address, and gives you 1000s of Ecards, Backgrounds, Animations and Emoticons to make every email you send personalized and special. IncrediMail also gives you standard email functions – an address book, search features, filters, and more. Download now and see why more than 90 million people are already using IncrediMail.

  • Why choose IncrediMail?

    You’ll get lots of practical and fun benefits with IncrediMail. If you have several email addresses, they can all be used from the IncrediMail on your desktop. When it comes to sending email, IncrediMail lets you make it personal and fun with customized Ecards, beautiful Backgrounds and funny Animations. Our helpful Notifiers let you know the moment an email arrives in your Inbox! When you use IncrediMail, your entire email experience is enhanced!

With this download, you also get the IncrediMail toolbar, which gives you easy access to IncrediMail features.
It also enables you to search the web quickly, check weather reports, and more.

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