IncrediMail is 100% Free – Learn How!

Is IncrediMail free of charge?

Yes!! You can download and use IncrediMail 100% free of charge for an unlimited amount of time. The free IncrediMail download is not a demo or a trial version – you may use and enjoy it for as long as you wish. There is a Premium version available for purchase which upgrades the free version, but by no means are you required to upgrade to this version if you don’t want to.
To download IncrediMail for free, click here!

So, how does IncrediMail make money?

We Sell Premium Products for IncrediMail

In addition to the free IncrediMail available to everyone, we offer several products that improve and enhance the basic and free version. A portion of our users are kind enough to purchase our products, but it’s certainly not required if one wishes to use only the basic free IncrediMail.

IncrediMail Plus

IncrediMail Plus is an upgrade for the basic free version of IncrediMail. IncrediMail Plus includes features and capabilities in addition to those that are already included in IncrediMail’s free version.
Learn more about IncrediMail Plus.

IncrediMail Letter Creator

IncrediMail Letter Creator lets you create your own Email Backgrounds and Ecards using personal photos, designs and images. Learn more about IncrediMail Letter Creator.

IncrediMail Gold Gallery

IncrediMail Gold Gallery includes the highest quality email content. A Gold Gallery Membership grants access to the Gold Gallery email content in addition to the free content available to everyone. 
Learn more about IncrediMail Gold Gallery.

IncrediMail Protection Center

IncrediMail Protection Center is a complete protection solution for your IncrediMail. Protection Center protects you from links to harmful websites and SPAM.
Learn more about Protection Center for IncrediMail..

We promote our products mostly through ads displayed on our website and within one designated area in our application.

We Generate Revenue from our Search Service – MyStart

When IncrediMail is installed, we offer users the opportunity to change their default Internet search provider and homepage to IncrediMail MyStart powered by Google. This way, if you use MyStart to search the web, we generate revenue through our partnership with Google. This revenue channel enables us to create more fun products for you to enjoy completely free of charge. It’s a great and simple way of helping us serve you better, without paying a dime!

Using MyStart as your homepage and default search provider is not a must (although we highly recommend it
 ). You can always choose not to use MyStart either during the installation or at any other stage.

We are proud that 90 million IncrediMail users worldwide enjoy a safe, free and fun IncrediMail experience. Join the crowd!
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