IncrediMail is Safe & Free– Guaranteed!

Is IncrediMail free of charge?

Yes! The basic version of IncrediMail is available to everyone absolutely free of charge for an unlimited amount of time.


So how does IncrediMail make money?

IncrediMail uses the following 2 methods to make money:

  1. Advertising – IncrediMail offers standard advertising slots on its website and within the IncrediMail email software. Advertisers may use these slots to promote their products.
  2. Additional Products & Services - In addition to the basic free version, IncrediMail sells several products and services that include many more fun and useful features.

For more information about IncrediMail products & services, click here.


But is IncrediMail Safe?

Of course! IncrediMail software is 100% safe: No spyware, No adware, No malware of any kind!

  • IncrediMail DOES NOT display any kind of pop-ups whatsoever
  • IncrediMail DOES NOT install any kind of 3rd party utilities
  • IncrediMail DOES NOT harm its users in any way

The privacy and protection of IncrediMail users is our top-priority!

IncrediMail was found 100% safe by:

  • Symantec/Norton Anti-virus, Norton Internet Security™
  • Ad-Aware™ by Lavasoft™ - Cnet's most popular application, with over 100 million downloads
  • Microsoft® AntiSpyware
  • McAfee® AntiSpyware™
  • AOL™ - anti-spyware component powered by Aluria™
  • eTrust™ PestPatrol®
  • Yahoo! Toolbar™ - anti-spyware component powered by PestPatrol®
  • Spyware Doctor™ by PCTools
  • CounterSpy™ - by Sunbelt Software™
  • X-Cleaner™ - by™
  • Giant AntiSpyware™ - now owned by Microsoft®
  • Spyware Eliminator™ - by Aluria™
  • NoAdware™ by™ - with over 22 million users
  • SpywareGuide™ - an online directory for Spy and Anti-spy software
  • Spyware Nuker 2005™ by TrekEight™ - with over 7 million registered users
  • System Mechanic® by iolo technologies™
  • Spy Cleaner™ by Topdownloads Networks™
  • Ghostsurf - by Tenebeil® - PC Magazine™ Editor's Choice®
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