IncrediMail Products & Services

IncrediMail Plus

IncrediMail Plus upgrades the basic IncrediMail email program with fun and useful features, making your email environment better, richer and more convenient. IncrediMail Plus lets you enjoy an ad-free email environment, add voice messages to emails, change your IncrediMail Skins as often as you wish, use unique & very smart email Notifiers, and get VIP Technical Support.

Price: $25.99 (1-year subscription)

Gold Gallery

An exclusive Gallery featuring IncrediMail’s best content. Members enjoy unlimited access to 1000’s of high-quality Email Backgrounds, Ecards, Animations, Notifiers & Sounds.

Price: $19.95 (1-year subscription)

Protection Center

Protection Center is a powerful anti-SPAM and link scanning tool specially designed specifically to protect IncrediMail users.

Members enjoy a clean and safe email environment guaranteeing maximum protection against junk mail, SPAM and links to harmful websites.

Price: $29.95 (1-year subscription)

Letter Creator

Letter Creator lets you create your own IncrediMail Email Backgrounds and Ecards. You will be able to design your emails any way you wish, use your own digital photos as Email Backgrounds, and create custom-made email letterheads for your business & special occasions.

Price: $39.95



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