Get IncrediMail 3D Magic – FREE!

You won’t believe your eyes!

3D Magic lets you create your own 3D email experience.
Enjoy tons of new 3D effects and customize your emails with your favorite ones!

IncrediMail includes 3D effects for your emails, but the 3D Magic add-on lets you do so much more!
  • Enjoy even more FREE 3D email effects!
  • Select your favorite 3D effects to use with your emails.
  • Decide exactly which 3D effects to use with every email.

Click here to get 3D Magic for free!

How to use 3D Magic

Once I’ve downloaded 3D Magic, where can I find it in my IncrediMail?

Open a ‘New Message’ window.

Click the 3D Magic icon in the Tool Bar.

Browse through the menu of 3D effects, select your favorites and enjoy!

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