Download IncrediMail 2.5
With IMAP Support
Keep your email account synced
Benefit from improved performance and optimization
Download IncrediMail 2.5
What is IMAP?
IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP lets you download messages from your email provider server onto your computer and keeps all your emails synchronized.
What’s new in IncrediMail 2.5?
Many bugs were fixed and overall application performance is improved. You can now view
and use your online email folders. We’ve also added an in-app browser for easier link
viewing and Facebook notifications so that you can stay updated about your social news.
Release info:
Release date: February 2012
File size: 12.3 MB
Languages: English
Operating Systems: Window XP, Vista, Window 7
Requirements: Internet Explorer 7 or higher/ Firefox/ Chrome/ Opera
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